Paid services in Internet

I see a lot of people lamenting some services on the Internet are paid, this strikes me as a desire to exploit the work of others without giving compensation.

If people do a job and offers to others, deserve to win something for it. When the value is not exorbitant, I paid with pleasure in gratitude to the efforts and dedication of those who developed this website or software.

An example is this website for translating subtitles, where you can click and see the translation of words or even the whole sentence:


New features to study English

I found two very interesting sites to practice and learn English:

The is to put texts and others people correct it. In the practice is working as I thought for this here. We can also contact people because it works as a social network.

The gives texts with translation and audio to learn vocabulary gradually. It is better to pay for the full service, which gives you access to translation and can also download the files. I’m paying $10 a month. There is also an app for the smartphone.

I found others, but they are not  relevant to put here, being as copies of these two.

How I’m learning English?

Actually I practice English with:

1 – Duolingo: This is a free app. I use it in my smartphone Samsung S4, but we can also go to the website , in this we can to read a little grammar points.

2 – Michelis APP. Dictionary Portuguese-English-Portuguese and monolingual in Portuguese. This is not free, but worth it.

3 – Online dictionaries and pronunciation:


The most frequently used, though not very good.


Bilingual dictionary Portuguese-English with the pronunciation of the American and British English.




With model sentences in English and their translations.

4- Courses


Classroom course where I’m studying from Monday to Friday during an hour and a half.


I want to start self-study with this website.


For little basic lessons with explanations in Portuguese.


Now also with this blog, where I want to receive corrections and opinions.

Hello people!!!

Hello people!!!

My name is Jónior, I’m Brazilian, and I don’t know English, but I want to lJúnior with the cat Céu.earn it! So I am here for to practice and to get peoples to English contact.

I speak six languages, but don’t English yet.  I speak Portuguese (my native language), Esperanto, French,  Brasilian Sign Language, Catalan and Spanish.

I live in Brasilia, capital of Brazil with my partner and our three cats. I’m 42 years old, and in 1/9/15 9/1/15 I will be 43 years old. 😉

I’m a French, Spanish and Esperanto teacher. I love teaching to about free software (GNU/Linux).

I will show here what I’m doing here to learning English, I will show too my successes and troubles.