How I’m learning English?

Actually I practice English with:

1 – Duolingo: This is a free app. I use it in my smartphone Samsung S4, but we can also go to the website , in this we can to read a little grammar points.

2 – Michelis APP. Dictionary Portuguese-English-Portuguese and monolingual in Portuguese. This is not free, but worth it.

3 – Online dictionaries and pronunciation:


The most frequently used, though not very good.


Bilingual dictionary Portuguese-English with the pronunciation of the American and British English.




With model sentences in English and their translations.

4- Courses


Classroom course where I’m studying from Monday to Friday during an hour and a half.


I want to start self-study with this website.


For little basic lessons with explanations in Portuguese.


Now also with this blog, where I want to receive corrections and opinions.


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